Michigan Multi Millionaire Mutilates Mother – then Holds Corpse Hostage to Extort Family, Blocks Burial.

Michigan Multi Millionaire Mutilates Mother – then Holds Corpse Hostage to Extort Family, Blocks Burial.
– Or, if you’re a Millionaire, can you hold a Corpse for Ransom –

A lawsuit filed for extortion highlights how the rich think – money is all that matters.

When his mother died, Stephen Tobler, 56, Chelsea Michigan, inherited almost $7 Million. In the theme of “no good deed goes unpunished,” he mutilated his mother so there could be no open casket funeral (the family and Catholic tradition). Then he refused her last wish for a family funeral, and burial in her plot.

But wait, it gets worse …

A three judge panel ruled that Stephen Tobler had no right to mutilate his mother’s remains, and had harmed his brother, Eric Tobler, 59, of Ypsilanti Michigan. The judges agreed that Eric Tobler had sole next-of-kin rights as Stephen Tobler admitted he gave up his rights, had committed an act that was outrageous, extreme and beyond the bounds of civil decency.

During the initial lawsuit to have Mrs. Tobler’s mutilated corpse released for burial, Defendant Stephen Tobler agreed to pay $30,000 for his wrongdoing, and release what was left of his mother for burial.

The initial case was dismissed when Stephen Tobler agreed to pay the judgement, and release Mrs. Tobler’s corpse, such as it was, for burial. Instead, as soon as the case was dismissed, Stephen Tobler, and his attorney Darren Findling, sent an extortion email demanding that the older brother pay money to bury their mother. They made it clear that they were holding her corpse for ransom.

“Why is Stephen being so cruel,” asked one cousin when she heard his extortion. “I adored your mother.”

Ultimately the judge ruled that Stephen Tobler could not hold Mrs. Tobler’s corpse hostage, or the payment for his wrong doing. Both were released just prior to Covid.

“Once Covid hit there could be no funeral gathering.” Eric Tobler said. “Mom wanted a funeral soon after her death, but Stephen’s delays have dragged this on for six years!”

But wait, there’s more …

Mrs. Tobler had reserved funds for her burial in her estate. Yet the inheriting son has refused to pay for his mother’s funeral. Instead, deciding to keep all her millions for himself. Even inheriting millions did not stop Stephen Tobler, and his attorney, from trying to extort more money. So charges a new lawsuit in Michigan Circuit Court.

“My god, to dangle mom’s corpse in front of the family, to deny her last wish for burial is obscene,” Eric Tobler stated. “Like Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby, Stephen’s goal is to harm others.”

The extortion case brings to light how confidentiality clauses actually aid defendants in continuing their intent to harm. Defendants – after agreeing to settle cases – repeat the same behavior when they think confidentiality clauses give them secrecy from public scrutiny. In the #metoo cases, we see repeat offenders harming others even after settling cases. They are emboldened by private settlement, with what they deem as secrecy clauses.

The new case, Tobler v. Tobler 2021, alleges that the defendant repeated his unlawful behavior after the prior case was settled. But, instead of a new victim, harm is revisited on all the relatives. The suit alleges that defendant Stephen Tobler, has as history of harming family members, including children.

“I did not know that my brother was a child molester,” Eric Tobler said. “Once he mutilated my mother, relatives started talking about his pattern of harm. I would not have believed Stephen molested a six-year-old – but now I do.”

This case is another, in a long line, that shows non-disclosure clauses/confidentiality clauses, cause harm, and encourage unconscionable behavior. They protect people hell-bent on harming the public. They allow wrong-doers to justify their actions. And give secrecy to harmful behavior, allowing unsuspecting victims, to be harmed anew.

“I am bringing this suit to stand up to people, and attorneys, who try to extort,” Eric Tobler said. “The brave women of the #metoo movement have shown us the way to protect others is to take action, hold violators accountable, and speak out.”

The case is 21-000278-NZ filed with the Michigan 22nd Circuit Court – Washtenaw County.

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