Move Into The Punch

Move Into The Punch,
Achieving your goals when life is hard.
The counter-intuitive Problem Solving Secret
— to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and enjoy life … even when it’s hard.

Moving into a punch seems like a dumb idea.
Yet boxers will sometimes move closer to their opponent to avoid being hit with full force.

As a child, I learned that I could protect my mother and brother if I moved toward my father when he was in a rage. If I moved into his attack, he could not fully extend his arm. And while I still got hit, the blows were softer. And after a while, my father’s rage would subside, and he’d stop. At least for that day.

As a child, I realized that I could not stop dad from hitting someone when he was angry.
But … I could choose to be that person.
And could find a way to reduce the hurt.

This made me resilient – even in the face of adversity, I know I have options and more control than just being a victim. But I’m not alone. It turns out that people who have lived in prisoner-of-war camps, concentration camps, and abusive childhoods fall into two categories:
Most people, two out of three, become victims.
But one out of three become stronger. They become more resilient, confident and stronger.
After the death of my mother and father, I wanted to share what I learned as a boy on how moving into your problems will help you achieve your goals, even when life is hard, or when you set hard goals.

Move Into The Punch,
The Counter-intuitive Secret to Achieving your Toughest Goals,
Overcoming Obstacles and Solving your Biggest Problems.

In this audio book I’ll share research, tools, and tips to help you achieve your goals, big or small – even when you face obstacles, lack motivation, or will power. I promise, this book is not about motivation, will power or to-do lists. This book is about a mind set that is with you always, even when you feel lazy, procrastinate, or are faced with people working against you.

I recorded this as an audio book so you can listen to it anywhere. And the PDF script is free so you don’t even need to take notes. How easy is that!

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Eric Tobler